United States Soldiers Assistance Center

USSAC Services

USSAC is in the Government Grant phase. We are also taking donations from visitors like you. We will be introducing many productive and supportive services for all veterans. Our clients will be those soldiers and service personnel who have returned from recent wars.

Please be sure and check the FAQ for more information.

Employment Opportunities

United States Soldiers Assistance Center provides counselling to our clients to determine the skills or experience they have to facilitate placement in a suitable career path. Our goal is to help to get our clients get back on their feet and get them back into their normal surroundings. We will contact various employers on behalf of our clients to help them reach their employment goals. For example:

  • Grocery chain like Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, etc.
  • Recreational theme parks like Disney, Six Flags and Universal
  • Jobs at United States Soldiers Assistance Center itself
  • Government jobs like the Post Office
  • School district jobs
  • Pharmacy chains like Walgreens
  • Large retailers like Walmart and Target

Business Opportunity

Clients also can get the chance to invest by borrowing from the Center and use available grant monies in some kind of business venture, like opening of a restaurant, pizza place, or other types of businesses which create employment and generate income for themselves and their families and other Americans, we strongly support. They can become business owner and entrepreneur.