United States Soldiers Assistance Center

Officers and Volunteers


Rose Marshall - CEO

Rose Marshall

Rose Marshall came to the United States at a young age. She attended junior high school, high school and graduated Cell and Molecular Biology at Cal State Northridge. She was a Pathology Supervisor and cancer researcher under Dr. Oppenheimer. Rose married and had two lovely girls. She then got her real estate license and became a real estate broker. Rose also holds a Physical Therapy Aid certificate.

Rose has compassion for people, especially those soldiers who are giving freedom to our friends and families.

Alfred Clancy - Treasurer

Alfred Clancy is a young 71 years old, born and raised in Orange County, California, he is married with two grown children. He lives in Irvine and has his CPA firm in Costa Mesa.

Alfred received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and served as Deason and later as an Elder in his local church for over 30 years.

Alfred was an auditor in the Auditor-Controllerís Office of the County of Orange from 1960 to 1964. He worked for Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young) in their Los Angeles and Orange County Offices from 1964 to 1971 in their Audit Group and in their Tax Group. He was the Controller for Art Linkletter and all of his various Companies from 1971 to 1973. Alfred stated his own local CPA Firm in Orange County in 1973 and is still working in the Orange County area.

Alfred's motto is "Integrity is the Best Insurance".

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Dr. Henry Anderson - Education

Dr. Anderson is Chancellor Emeritus of City University Los Angeles.

It is the mission of EMI System Schools to provide avocational and recreational programs to qualified undergraduate and graduate members. CULA is available to retired persons: athletes, military officers, penioners, entrepreneurs, artisans, actors, politicians. "Baby Boomers," writers, researchers, educators, first responders, government alumni, physicians, grandparents, law enforcement people. These and others may finally finish an appropriate higher education degree or certificate through options we make available. Our "mission" has matured just as have our student populations.

CULA appreciates those who wish to finish a degree program for fun, or for a sense of personal achievement.

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Royce Hamilton - Management Director

Royce Hamiliton is a Retired Army Colonel and will be helping with the management of USSAC. Dr. Hamilton has been a practicing physician for 60 years. His specialty is Cancer Research. He has been a medical director for many years.

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Bishop Issaya Owens - Counselling Director

Bishop Issaya Owens is a veteran and is USSAC's counsellor.

Bishop Owens was ordained in 1958 and was consecrated a Bishop in 1982, and is the President of Grace University in Beverly Hills. He was the public relations person in California for Dr. Martin Luther King from 1963 until his death in 1968. He was in the White House during the 1972 Olympics traveling with Olympian Jesse Owens. He has been all over the world for his ministry. His travel ministry set up extensions in Lagos, Nigeria, Ghana, Amsterdam, Switzerland and the Philippines.

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Dr. Donna Jacobs Owens - Education Director

Dr. Donna Jacobs Owen is the Director of Education for USSAC.

Dr. Donna was the Clinical Director at Shelters of America. She was Research Specialist at Dyna/Tek Corporation International consultant for grants, public relations, and counseled participants in program. She is a board member of Grace homes, was vice president Tulare county African-American Women ís Association, member Second Baptist church Visalia, and Speech coach for the Scholarship Teen Pageant ''95''.

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Adrienne Ruth Boswell - Recruitment and Internet Support

Adrienne Ruth Boswell

Adrienne is active in her community, and has volunteered in Organizing for America, Sheild of Roses, and her son's elementary school and its PTA.

Adrienne has been a web site developer and server administrator for the past 10 years. Adrienne's portfolio is available at Arbpen Designs. Adrienne is also an award winning gourmet home cook, and has a cooking blog, The Good Plate. Adrienne is in the process of publishing a childen's book The Blue Ball, written for her son, Spane.

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