United States Soldiers Assistance Center

History of USSAC

Vision from the CEO, Rose Marshall

Young Homeless SoldierMy vision for this project came to me after watching a documentary about the rate of homelessness among veterans of the United States. It seemed incredibly unfair and unjust that countless men and women who defended and served this country were homeless, sick and hungry, with limited resources for assistance. I began to pray for them and asked God to help correct this unfairness. Through God I gained the strength and resolve to start an organization to help these brave soldiers who put their lives in jeopardy to make a better country for us.

We are lucky that we live in a world where we can walk freely on the streets knowing that men and women fought for that very freedom we enjoy. There are many countries that do not enjoy that type of freedom.

The men and women of this country have fought hard to protect us and give us the lives we lead now. It's time for us to give back and show our gratitude to the fellow countrymen and women that emobdy the freedom this country was founded on.

It is my goal to ensure that all soldiers who have risked their lives for the peace and freedom of this country come home to opportunities for them to create their own success stories and enjoy the freedoms they worked so hard to protect.


USSAC was created by Rose Marshall with the help and vision of supporters like Alfred Clancy, Royce Hamilton, Bishop Issaya Owens, Dr. Donna Jacobs Owens, and our web developer, Adrienne Boswell.
Our web site went live in January of 2012.