United States Soldiers Assistance Center

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many United States Soliders Assistance Centers are there? expand
Depending on the population and demographics of each state, there will be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 centers per state. Each center will have accessible exercise facilities, a gym, theater, physical therapy, educational and recreational facilities. There will be an on site drug addiction and PTSD classes through psychologists and therapists experienced in those disorders.
Who will run the housing facility? expand
Each housing facility will have a resident manager, janitorial staff,doctors, nurses, food staff, psychologists, physical therapists, job and housing counselors, administration assistants, accountants, activity coordinators, and other necessary staff based on the size and demographic of the site.
Does or will USSAC participate in any government housing programs? expand
USSAC will be able to purchase Government Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae properties for housing or facilities.
How are individuals selected for housing? expand
All applicants are welcome. Clients who have just come back and at least served two years defending our Country and have no place to stay, or do not have any family, or job, or any other source of income, or have minimum or no income, or are disabled. We have a financial qualification form. If the client decides to live with his or her family, as long as they are related, USSAC will credit rent money for a one room in the client's family's home. USSAC will follow-up with an in-home visit to confirm the housing arrangements.
Do you or will USSAC manage its activities or facilities through its employees or volunteers? expand
USSAC activities will be managed both by salaried and hourly staff, and volunteer staff. Because there are many positions to be filled, USSAC has the potential to positively impact the US economy by creating and providing umpteen jobs in every state. USSAC is an equal opportunity employer and provider.
Will you have arrangements for the healthcare needs of your residents? expand
USSAC will have volunteer doctors and nurses, medical professionals, psychiatrists and therapists, as well as physical therapists to deal with clients' medical needs on a day to day basis. PTSD will be a major concern.
How will your educational activity be arranged? expand
USSAC will provide funding for two years for assistance in getting an accredited college degree. USSAC will also provide funding for 6 months at an accredited trade school for a certificate in the clients' chosen vocation.
What methods are applied to teach specific knowledge and develop certain skills? expand
USSAC will have seminars by counselors to teach our clients about their health, drug abuse, and PTSD. What they are taught will help them in their transition to a civilian living as they were before.
What methods are applied to teach specific knowledge and develop certain skills? expand
USSAC counselors will work with each client to guide them through their own thought processes bringing out their abilities and skills enabling them to accomplish their career and education goals.
What methods are applied to teach specific knowledge and develop certain skills? expand
USSAC will teach Meditation and Yoga with our natural Medical team to take away clients' anxiety and stress.
What activities and services are available for participants in the program? expand
USSAC will have many activities available throughout the program. We will have family nights which so our clients can get together with their families and receive family support. There will be exercise programs to build their body and mind. Meditation, spirituality, and Natural Health will be provided for individual who are interested.
Who will conduct educational activities? expand
USSAC has the support of City University of Los Angeles. Dr. Donna Jacobs, our Education Director, and many other professionals, who can counsel these Soldiers toward their goals.
What kind of job placement assistance will you provide? expand
USSAC has many sponsors to support us in facilitating job placement, including but not limited to Disney, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Studios, Staples, Office Depot, Home Depot, Whole Food Industries, super markets, large computer and/or electronics stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, department stores, farmers and produce growers.
Do you offer Small Business Loans to qualifying clients? expand
Clients who are not furthering their education may qualify for a loan up to $25,000.00 which could be used to buy a USSAC approved business or make and invest in a USSAC approved business opportunity. 50% of this amount is grant and 50% will be as a no interest loan payable within 2 years after starting the business. Only principal is returned to the organization. The client's financial statement is not part of consideration for this loan, however, the client's ability and prior experience are considered.
What kind of due diligence investigation do you conduct in advance of grant or loan making? expand
Clients will have a special interview for assessment of how capable, or prior relevant experience. Inspect the business plan and guide the soldiers to a proper investment strategy to some what guarantee the business venture success. Make sure that clients are not using it for illegal business ventures or use of illegal drugs. The grant will be monitored through different steps, by using the receipt method or rental agreement, equipment purchase, and other approval methods.